My dad was a Jack of all trades, and he taught me quite a lot, like basic plumbing, carpentry, mechanics, electrical, painting, drywalling, etc.

Then computers came along, and that’s where I focused my attention.  Although I went to school for it, I learned much more than what was being taught.  I later went on to teach computers at the post secondary institution I graduated from.  Before that, I started my own consulting company and wrote a user-friendly accounting program in user-unfriendly DOS (remember that?).  Yes, I did it all.  I wrote a windows-like text-based menu system.  I created a database system, a background printing system, and more.  The accounting program had accounts receivable / payable, point of sale, payroll, inventory control, etc.

Once DOS died, I switched to writing web database sites.  However, I guess the one skill I didn’t have at the time though was business management, so after 15 years or so, it all died away.

Once it died, I tried to get as far away from computers as I could.  I went back to working in kitchens, I did janitorial, then a care home, and finally I ended up driving a bus for the disabled.  All the time, I really did want to get back to computers, but it just didn’t feel right anymore.  The industry had changed, and it is all database design now.  I don’t know if there is a need for someone who can program on both high and low levels anymore.

Back in the early days I met a lady who agreed to write a manual for my accounting program.  We worked well together, we became friends, and 10 years later we finally got married.  It wasn’t an easy relationship though, we had some really tough times, but we came though them stronger.  Now I think we have a better relationship than any other couple I know.