Reblog: When The Shoe Is On The Other Foot

I thought that I was just fatigued from the move, but it is getting worse not better. People say to exercise more, and you will feel better, but the more I exercise the worse I feel. But then I never was “Normal”. 😉

Being Lydia!


My Hubby has been my rock for our 16 years of marriage and the five or so years before that. Even when times were at their worst (and they were), and he wanted to pack it in, he didn’t.

He knew from the start that when he married me that I came with a multitude of health problems and emotional baggage. Over the years he has helped me through so much I couldn’t begin to repay it if that were a consideration.

Well, now it is.

My hubby has been dealing with his own health problems for a long time and I know that he has put them on the side-burner to be there for me and to make a living, even when it has been way too much for him.

Because this is My blog and I do my best to keep the privacy of my friends and family…

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